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English classes online.

Qualified, experienced native english speakers available online whenever you want, to help you learn, improve, perfect your English. Improve confidence, increase vocabulary, increase skills. Improve your English speaking and pronunciation.

Improve English reading and writing. Recover lost English skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Be able to use English in specific professional settings for example business English for logistics, English for medicine, real estate and entrepreneurial activities. Prepare. a CV in English for the anglophone jobs market. Prepare for interviews in English.

Preparation for exams. Succeed in IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL. Preparation for entry to university, English for academic writing.
English activities in all skill areas reading, writing, listening and speaking designed and adapted to your specific needs.


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What my students say about me …

I want to tell you that I passed my exam with success! Thanks a lot for your help.

Flora D,

Marseille, June 2023

I achieved the TOEFL score I needed after 40 hours of tuition.

Mlle S F,

Fos Sur Mer

I achieved 28/30 in the writing section of my TOEFL test in May 2021. Mr T helped me, each
day for three weeks I sent him an essay question which he checked. He was very good at
indicating me where I needed to make changes or corrections. This was a very helpful way
to improve. he explained the errors I was making in grammar forms very clearly and I now
understand much better for example when to use past forms. He also gave me very good
advice for ways to improve my score, by for example using different tenses.

M Pourchel,

Paris June 2021

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I Will…

Listen actively and attentively while you speak.

Correct where necessary and improve your pronunciation.

identify and tell you which areas of grammar you need to work on.

Enable you to enrich your vocabulary.

Be happy for you to bring any topic you wish to talk about.

What I Offer

65 €

3 X 60 minutes session pack

Preparation and correction of documents

CV Preparation


90 €

3 X 90 minute session pack

General and business English teaching

Exam preparation

90 €

6 X 45 minute session pack


Speaking practice

What is Your Level ?

  • A1 16.6% 16.6%

Basic skills to communicate and exchange information in a simple way.

  • B2 67% 67%

Has the ability to achieve more goals and to express itself on a range of topics.

  • A2 33.3% 33.3%

The ability to process simple and clear information and to begin to express oneself in a familiar environment.

  • C1 84% 84%

The ability to communicate in terms of relevance, sensitivity and ability to deal with unknown or unfamiliar topics.

  • B1 50% 50%

Ability to express oneself in a limited way in familiar situations and to process generally unknown information.

  • C2 100% 100%

The ability to process academically or cognitively demanding material and to use the language effectively to some extent may be more advanced than the average level of native speakers in some respects.

Our first stage is to assess your needs, decide where you want to go and how we get there. We can work on specific or all four skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Perhaps you want to reach a specific CEF (Common European Framework) level. Or just maintain where you’re at by speaking with someone regularly. Maybe there’s something specific you need to improve for professional reasons. Maybe you want improved confidence when travelling. 

To find out exactly what you need I will give you a free trial session with no obligation on your part. From there I can indicate the likely timescale for achieving your goals.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online courses

To learn English one must practice it in different situations, therefore all resources used simulate as far as possible this approach, adapted for age and level. Emphasis is on English as a means of communication not as an object of study.

Grammar is integrated so that students understand the meaning which the various forms create and learn how to use these effectively.


Reach The Level of English You Need !

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